Mediatrack – Advert Booking Software

Welcome to Mediatrack the complete magazine and newspaper CRM, sales booking, sales prospecting, advert proofing, page flatplan and sales invoice management software solution designed specifically for the print and magazine publishers.

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Mediatrack magazine and newspaper advert booking software delivers:

  • Client CRM
  • Advert Bookings
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Ad Proofs
  • Page Flatplans
  • Invoice Creation and Management
  • Publishing Reports

Mediatrack is cloud based software so after configuration and set up it is rented month to month and is used via a choice of free web browsers. Using one cloud system for all parts of the publishing process saves time and time is money.

All publishing and ad sales data about your publications is at your fingertips where ever you are in the world from contracts to sales reports to final proof reports.

Mediatrack is system publishers need but at a price they can afford.

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